Teeth Cleaning

Not every bit of plaque can be removed by the most dedicated brusher and flosser; therefore, optimal oral health and cavity prevention can be maintained by a professional teeth cleaning performed by our skilled dental hygienists at Nottingham Dental.  Our licensed dental hygienists are very skilled at removing tenacious calculus/tartar while keeping in mind the optimum comfort of our patients.

We recommend that patients at the very minimum should brush at least twice and floss once daily to remove the buildup of plaque and bacteria from the teeth and gums.

Every teeth cleaning includes a thorough examination of the gums and associated hard tissue. A good assessment of the condition of the gums is through a thorough measurement of the gum pockets around each tooth.. These probing depths are carefully recorded to serve as the basis for periodic gum assessment and monitoring. They will not only provide us with information about the severity of the gum conditions but to also help us monitor disease progression.

Generally patients’ fall into three categories based on their gum conditions:

1)Healthy: pink gum tissue with no bleeding when brushing and flossing and with no signs of inflammation;

2)Gingivitis: red and slightly inflamed gum tissue with bleeding but without bone loss;

3)Periodontitis/Gum Disease: Inflamed gum tissue with bleeding and with bone loss;

Curettes, scalers, and in some cases ultrasonic devices are used to thoroughly debride each tooth, including the areas under the gum line, of plaque and calculus.  Depending on the clinical situation a gentle polish of each tooth using mild abrasives will then performed to eliminate stain. The last step in a thorough dental cleaning is a protective fluoride treatment that will strengthen the overall tooth.


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