Velscope Cancer Screening Technology

Oral cancer is a threatening problem that develops in the tissues of your mouth. According to the United States National Cancer institute more that forty thousand oral cancer cases are diagnosed each year.

Our talented professionals here at Nottingham Dental are on the front line of the defense against any spreading oral cancer.

We use the most sophisticated tools which enhance effective oral mucosal screening for any signs of oral cancer. Our breakthrough weapon in detecting oral cancer as early and as efficiently as possible is called Velscope cancer screening technology. In order to properly differentiate traditional oral screening from Velscope it is necessary to highlight the unique features of a Velscope exam.

Velscope technology is the newest device with many breakthrough features.

Velscope’s first unique characteristic is that it is the only available non-invasive tool that is clinically proven to help find oral cancer.

One of Velscope’s unique features is that it facilitates the discovery of mouth abnormalities before they become visible during the examination under the ordinary light. Velscope is a hand held dentist tool which emits a safe blue light into the oral cavity. Another unique Velscope feature is its proprietary filter. This filter blocks reflected blue light by enhancing the contrast between normal and abnormal tissue. This is the key to fluorescence visualization.

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Is Velscope Cancer Screening a diagnostic tool that is used on it own?

The answer in most situations would be no. Just like other visualization technologies such as CT scanning, MRI examinations, Ultrasound tests or panoramic radiography, Velscope Cancer Screening technology is NOT a stand-alone method. Nevertheless, when used along with the standard oral soft tissues test, Velscope provides unique information which can’t be obtained in any other way.

Another unique feature of Velscope screening is that it is versatile tool which helps our dental team discovery a relatively wide range of possible unhealthy tissues in your mouth including oral pre-cancer and cancer. Velscope screening certainly isn’t your traditional diagnostic test, mainly because there are never any false positives. Moreover it is a quick procedure, where within a span of a few minutes our health care professionals can assess the overall condition of your mouth.

Velscope screening has been overlooked and is most certainly a powerful tool in discovering such mucosal issues and abnormalities as viral and bacterial infections, gland tumors, papillomas and inflammations occurring because of a myriad of reasons. Our team here at Nottingham Dental knows about the benefits of Velscope technology and uses it as a very successful complimentary tool for early oral cancer detection.


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