Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular way to brighten the colour of a person’s teeth as it is usually very cost effective and safe.  Peroxide products are usually the active compounds of whitening  products in the form of a gel.  Impressions of teeth are taken and then customized trays are fabricated to accommodate the application of whitening products.  The usual duration of the teeth whitening process is usually one to two weeks of daily application.  Teeth and gum tissues may become sensitive during this process but are usually temporal.  After a desirable shade is reached the treatment can be stopped or when the maximum duration of treatment time is reached as suggested by the manufacturer.

Reasons for Discoloured Teeth

Discolouration of teeth is usually due to staining and they can be categorized as either external or internal staining.  Sources of external staining are usually from food products and also residues of cigarettes.  The thin film of bacterial and food products around our teeth allow for a very porous medium for stain to adhere to and thus ultimately lead to staining of teeth after a significant amount of accumulation.

On the other hand, internal staining is usually due to developmental conditions in which the formation of dental structure is disrupted commonly due to high fever as a child or use of antibiotics.  Tetracycline staining is a common cause of grey teeth.  Physical trauma to teeth may also lead to darkening of teeth as the heme products in red blood cells degrade and discolour the internal structure of teeth.  In these types of situations solely using teeth whitening products may not be adequate and thus prosthetic/cosmetic procedures may be required.  It is most common that after a lengthy whitening process is completed thin porcelain veneers are applied to conservatively achieve the most ideal results.

When to Get Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening isn’t always needed. Sometimes light deposits of external stains can be eliminated or reduced by adequate brushing and flossing but if the deposit is more tenacious, then a professional cleaning by a dental professional will ensure that the these deposits are removed timely.  In these cases a professional cleaning may be the only thing the patient needs.  In essence, adequate and timely maintenance of teeth will ensure their health but also bring about clean and bright looking teeth.

At Nottingham Dental we encourage our patients to see our dental hygienists for regular dental cleaning and polishing.  If the colour of your teeth is still not satisfactory after a professional cleaning, depending on each patient’s unique situation, application of white strips is a very economical way to slightly whiten teeth.  If a more significant change in the shade of teeth is required, then professional whitening by the use of whitening gels and trays would be the next step.


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